Charo Trousers by Aanya


I’ve been absolutely loving these trousers by Aanya. I bought loads of the same style when I was in Sri Lanka because of their gorgeous colours and prints so when I got sent this pair of Charo Trousers it was just an exciting new addition. The fit and fabric is so comfortable and the colour and print is right up my street. I got so many compliments when I was out doing this shoot. It was funny because I literally just threw it all together without any thought or styling. These pants really call for just a simple top, I prefer a crop top as the trousers are quite baggy and you don’t want to completely loose yourself in a baggy ball of disaster. Check them out here! anaya-trousers-petra-m-greening-3anaya-trousers-petra-m-greening-6anaya-trousers-petra-m-greening-7anaya-trousers-petra-m-greening-8anaya-trousers-petra-m-greening-9anaya-trousers-petra-m-greening-14anaya-trousers-petra-m-greening-16anaya-trousers-petra-m-greening-21anaya-trousers-petra-m-greening-22anaya-trousers-petra-m-greening-28anaya-trousers-petra-m-greening-29 Love P x


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