M. Stadelmann Studio Jewellery

584ad9_4412dbaf304143149899b61286dc02d0-mv2_d_6048_4032_s_4_2 Congratulations Maggie on your jewellery line! I had fun shooting these pieces and it didn’t take very long, just a couple of quick changes in Maggie’s own clothes she selected for the shoot and some lipstick changes and we were done!  Her chokers are a breathe of fresh air after noticing the obscene amounts of velvet, leather and lace choker straps with dangling embellishments that fast fashion stores are selling, which are usually quite cheap but sometimes make your skin turn a putrid pantone green. M. Stadelmann Studio Jewellery look and feel super luxe, my favourite being the 18K rose gold choker with the side tassels that you can tie however you like. Maggie’s collection online now for purchasing and they are all available in plated 18K gold. 14807949_10157709252085370_47305377_o14881766_10157709252100370_1347111968_o584ad9_77f4e2c3b1ea4b44aa214e4e06f17367-mv2_d_6048_4032_s_4_214274316_10157709252140370_1626166988_o14808683_10157709252115370_2077048678_o14858787_10157709252080370_1252808588_o14859510_10157709252120370_761856701_o584ad9_ccd74b808638467bbde328adadc92722-mv2_d_6048_4032_s_4_214813059_10157709252195370_1849281421_o14808842_10157709252210370_1480006516_o14795694_10157709252190370_1715139257_o

Love, P x


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