Yonique 3D Mascara and Splash Liquid Lipstick

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I had never seen any tutorials and hadn’t heard of Younique at all until my best friend from Primary school contacted me to do a review on some products she would send me. Nikki, who sent me the products is a representative of the brand, was really eager for me to try out their 3D Fibre Lash Mascara and one of their Splash lipsticks in the shade Stoic.

I have to say when I opened the packaging and pulled out the 2 lubes of mascara for the pouch I was confused for a moment. I had heard nothing about the brand until Nikki had told me about them and I decided not to do any research on the products and just wait till i received them. In all honesty I thought the brush from one of the wands had been put through a blender and stuffed inside the tube. There were loose black fibres all over the wand I thought I have to tell her and get another set because i had obviously got a defect item. But I was wrong, these were just the little fibres that sat in the tube that promised to thicken and lengthen your lashes to your hearts desire and it works wonders.
My lashes were fuller and thicker and didn’t get clumpy. You can chose how many times you go back and forth with the gel and fibres to elongate and thicken.
I am so happy with the mascara, and i highly recommend it especially for those who have light to blonde lashes that just need a little extra help without having to wear falsies or get extensions.

The beauty world has been inundated by the liquid lipstick trend with new formulas and shades being released from almost every brand in the business. I’ve tried a few liquid lipsticks from Jeffree Star to Kat Von D and while I don’t have any complaints about either of these brands, the Younique liquid lipstick takes the cake. The consistency is so mousy and glides on your lips with ease.While the Jeffree Star and Kat Von D lipsticks dry down the Younique formula doesn’t totally dry down but gives the illusion of a matte/ dry lipstick. I have to say this is my favourite lipstick i’ve ever owned, i’ve never been a fan of glossy or sticky lipsticks and the Splash is neither of those. Not the mention it lasts for hours and the colour is so beautiful. I think the photos and video says it all!

You can purchase any of the items online here!

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