profile*With a passion for creativity, Petra loves all things dark, quirky, fun, and misunderstood. A beach bum at heart she has a healthy obsession with the macabre, the vintage and the odd. She also happens to be a blogger of all sorts and a freelance model.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Petra is originally from a fashion and events background. She was the marketing, digital and graphics head of a local fashion and jewellery brand and later; the same for a conscious PR and Marketing company.
This time around her job focused more on helping start ups and established companies encourage and gain consumer awareness through different tools such as social media, events, PR kits, and more.

Blogging: Petra created her first blog in 2000 titled: Novelle Vogue that started as fashion and gradually shifted her main focus: fashion to include lifestyle, social issues and other ramblings.

As her full time job took up most of her time, In 2015, Petra decided to create an entirely new fresh blog created 100% by herself and aims to focus her posts on
everything she experiences; travel, fashion, social issues, music events and more. She also wants to expand her graphic design craft and wanted to build a short but sweet online portfolio for possible future clients. is taking on clients. She is also a contributing writer to The China Daily Mail which she mainly writes about social issues and up and coming entertainment and talent.

Charity: Petra has always had a passion for raising awareness, whether it is for charities or other causes. From causes such as Atma Hong Kong, Slut Walk Hong Kong to the Anti Fur campaigns or to the LGBT community,It slowly became apparent to her that education and awareness were and are an essential part of her blogging.


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