about me, petra

a creative at heart. a graphic designer by trade, working with pr, branding and fashion brands for over 10 years.

i originally got my start working at a local fashion house creating all the visual content for the company, while also being involved in the marketing, production, events and web design with upkeep. 

then working in jewellery, wellness and the food and beverage industry, creating visual content from social media content to invites, logos and convention booth designs.

in recent years, i created a large series of proposal decks for a company working with top luxury brands, helped design the new TUMI club app, dabbled in photography, writing and also launched my own swimwear label; HOLLOW, a 9 piece collection that pays homage to simplicity and elegance.

hollow the label

coming from a self taught background, i have been so grateful for the amount of experience and industry sectors that i have worked in. 

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