Don’t Step on my Blue Suede Shoes


Or spill red wine on my dress…
2 Saturdays ago was the annual Dirty Boogie Rockabilly festival which was held at Grappa’s Cellar. Boy! What a fun night!
We managed┬áto see all the live acts which included Loz Rizlaz from Japan, The Boogie Playboys (HK) The Bembol Rockers from Philippines and Miss Cathy from HK. It was a ball! Nearly everyone was dressed the part and┬áthe dance floor was pounded from all the jiving and swinging! It was like we entering another era…

Now I’ve been wanting to go for a while but never seemed to be able to assemble a buddy brigade to accompany me, especially one that actually had an interest in the music and fashion.
But this year was totally different, I had my favourite person in the whole world take me! Thanks baby!!