Pomfret Sarong by Louelle Odié

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When I worked as the manager of a fashion label a few years ago the staff were all required to learn how to tie scarves and sarongs in different ways to maximise the uses of this great accessory. You can use it as a headscarf, a bag or turn it into lots of different dress styles. When I got this beautiful Louella Odié Pomfet Sarong, I immediately thought of my favourite top to tie. A total beach look, perfect to wear over your bikini with some denim shorts or long flowy skirt. The back is completely exposed which helps with blistering heat we’ve been experiencing.

Created by a print-making mother and daughter, with a background in fashion came together to create a unique collection of accessories that show their love for the Island life and Hong Kong heritage.

The colours of the Pomfet Sarong are bright and foolproof for summer. A striking yellow with white polka dots and a deep blue in the form of printed fish make this sarong ideal for beach, junks or barbecues.  The size is 100cm x 200cm which makes it an excellent size when it comes to tying dresses, and the feel of the fabric is so luxurious, smooth and silky.
Can we also just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful packaging!



Love, P x


My Wedding Dress

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43 I was never one of those girls that had their wedding day planned from the day they could grasp the concept. All I wanted was the man of my dreams, for it to take place on a beach and to have a beautiful dress. This didn’t mean I was expecting it to all happen to me, it was just something that was in the back of my mind like when you think of your dream home and how you’d decorate it, I never thought it would be something attainable.

I was a bridal/made to order consultant for some time so i knew the ins and outs of the process of creating a dress from scratch. I have always had a design streak in me so I knew I would design it myself. I had done so much research for my boss at the time so we could keep up with trends, fabrics, cuts, silhouettes etc.

So when I designed my wedding dress I had scrolled through thousands of ideas on Pinterest and Simply Bridal and finally decided on a design that was very Vivienne Westwood-esque. Totally me, a perfect blend of rock n’ roll deconstructed asymmetrical draping but with a beautiful feminine fabric. But of course, I changed my mind- 3 more times.

There were just a few things that It had to be, classic, clean, minimal with a beautiful silhouette.
I finally decided on a design and took it to my tailor who I had worked with a few times In China, brought the fabric and lace from Hong Kong and started the process. I would return about once a week to check on the progress and try on the dress. As the big day got closer the dress i had envisioned wasn’t quite coming to life so I took it from the tailor because I had changed my mind-  AGAIN. I bought a nude bra and totally changed the top of the dress which ended up being similar to Victoria Beckham’s gown she wore to the 2014 Met Gala… All I can say is thank god I can sew because I had to do these alterations 2 days before we left Hong Kong to go to the Maldives.

I’m pretty happy with how It turned out, although it wasn’t my dream dress (I still dream about her) maybe one day I will get it done 100% true to my vision, maybe for an anniversary, maybe for a Friday day night.









Love, P x


Coco Q Jewellery

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Last year I met jewellery designer Angela of Coco Q while we were working on a photoshoot together which i modelled and styled while Angela supplied her sample jewellery.
I got to wear some of her lovely minimal designs, most were thin gold plated brass bangles with gorgeous bright colours woven around the bangle.
Perfect if you’re looking for something minimal or stacked if you’re looking for a bit more a statement piece.
After the shoot we swapped contacts and kept in touch. She asked me if I had a favourite piece on the Coco Q website and I picked a beautiful Celtic knot silver plated bangle which she ended up sending to me!! It came in the chicest packaging and we did have some issues with the delivery which was totally SF Express’s fault (I’ve never known them to be unreliable until this happened) But it was beautifully packaged and the bangle was well made with an adjustable mechanism at the back.
When this was sent to me Angela didn’t stock so many products as the brand was just getting off the ground but she’s got more designs including these gorgeous marble embellished spiral rings. Check out the Coco Q Facebook here

This post is long overdue so I just wanted to say thank you Angela, I love it!!!

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IMG_8984 I first met Jodie, founder of Esscentric when we were both doing a shoot with photographer Pui Pui To. When I first saw her, I was drawn to her long gold chain that stood out from her chic all black outfit. Attached to this chain was a leather cylinder pouch with the words Esscentric embossed on the outside. I guessed that it might be a roll on perfume as I had one a few years ago from Avon which had a similar pouch but not nearly as stylish and sophisticated as Jodie’s.
Once we had wrapped up the quick shoot we sat down at Teakha on Po Tuck Street to have a quick chat about Jodie’s scent brand Esscentric..

How did you come up with Esscentric and why?
J: i love beautiful scents and I love to collect. I am always looking for different perfumes and am very passionate on scents.  For me scent is like art, I can’t live without it in my life. At the moment I’m studying aromatherapy, and I want to show people that natural essential oil are super amazing, they are soulful, beautiful and functional.  

I was thinking to myself, why people haven’t made them into more of a cool lifestyle item instead of just for holistic use?  Hence, i got an idea to use them (essential oil – the most natural material) to create my perfume line.   I love fashion and scents, so why not combine them together.  I would like to bring essential oil into lifestyle, in a unique and fashionable way and educate people so they can understand how to use the products. Thats why Esscentric’s packaging is a fashion accessory, a wearable chain necklace with a leather case.  I think this is cool idea as people can wear their perfume anywhere, its functional and beautiful.

How many scents do you have?
J: From my first collection, there have 6 scents.

Which one is your favourite?
J: My fav one is Jassom!! It’s a very sensual scent.  Also i love to mix it with Chamuse, it creates more of a mysterious scent.

What is the sexiest scent for a man?
J: for me there is no specific scent, I think what is most important is the person who is using the scent matches it with their personality.  But I think a woody, musky based scent with fresh green undertones is sexy for a man.

What is the sexiest scent for a woman?
J: same answer as above, different women are a sexy in different ways!  But I would say, personally, a sexy scent for a woman is an amber woody scent with floral undertones, also with a bit of spices to bring out a sensuous and exotic feeling.

Do you have any new projects for 2016?
J: Yes, in Spring we will launch a home scent collection. Stay tuned! 

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