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M. Stadelmann Studio Jewellery

584ad9_4412dbaf304143149899b61286dc02d0-mv2_d_6048_4032_s_4_2 Congratulations Maggie on your jewellery line! I had fun shooting these pieces and it didn’t take very long, just a couple of quick changes in Maggie’s own clothes she selected for the shoot and some lipstick changes and we were done!  Her chokers are a breathe of fresh air after noticing the obscene amounts of velvet, leather and lace choker straps with dangling embellishments that fast fashion stores are selling, which are usually quite cheap but sometimes make your skin turn a putrid pantone green. M. Stadelmann Studio Jewellery look and feel super luxe, my favourite being the 18K rose gold choker with the side tassels that you can tie however you like. Maggie’s collection online now for purchasing and they are all available in plated 18K gold. 14807949_10157709252085370_47305377_o14881766_10157709252100370_1347111968_o584ad9_77f4e2c3b1ea4b44aa214e4e06f17367-mv2_d_6048_4032_s_4_214274316_10157709252140370_1626166988_o14808683_10157709252115370_2077048678_o14858787_10157709252080370_1252808588_o14859510_10157709252120370_761856701_o584ad9_ccd74b808638467bbde328adadc92722-mv2_d_6048_4032_s_4_214813059_10157709252195370_1849281421_o14808842_10157709252210370_1480006516_o14795694_10157709252190370_1715139257_o

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Backstage with Maggie Stadelmann

petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann3I’ve known Maggie for some time now, although I can’t remember the first time we crossed paths but we kept connected and she was always so lovely and such a cheerful person. Maggie is a well known Hong Kong fashionista who has just started her own accessories line and I was stoked to receive a message from her about being her first season model for the brand, of course I said yes! Her brand: M Stadelmann Studio had 3 gorgeous chokers an 18K rose gold beaded choker, an 18K gold chunky statement necklace and my personal favourite, an 18K rose gold chain choker. She is currently doing an opening promotion so if you like what you see get it soon! Here are some of our behind the scenes snaps… petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann18 petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann22 petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann10petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann14petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann1petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann5petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann6petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann9petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann11petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann16petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann19petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann20petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann21

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Knitting for Beginners: Sheep & Stitch

garter-stitch-scarf-thumbnail Last month I did a little write up about super fun and hip knit brand Sheep & Stitch about their cool concept and easy to follow step by step tutorials on how to knit your own scarfs, hats and more. The day I met up with founder Davina to shoot, I modelled 3 of the finished products for her tutorial and here is the 2nd! Now, I know I said the first one was by favourite but looking back at these have made me change my mind! The last scarf I blogged about was a bright yellow cowl and this one is a regular chunky scarf, about 120cm long or so. I adore the colour of this one (off white/grey), I usually pick very minimal, simple timeless pieces when it comes to fashion and jewellery so this one is right up my street.. And It goes so well with a leather jacket, my favourite type of outerwear during this season, but we didn’t shoot it in this season! It was still about 35c when we went out to shoot these, burrr!! Look on for the free tutorial embedded in this post below! Happy knitting! garter-stitch-scarf-detail4garter-stitch-scarf-detail1garter-stitch-scarf-detail2garter-stitch-scarf-detail3garter-stitch-scarf-detail5 Love, P

Instagram Pier Photoshoot


This was the first time I had met photographer and clothing store owner Pui. We met at her shop in Shek Tong Tsui- Po Tuck Street, an up and coming area in the Western district close to HKU. The same street that also houses Gift Co, Teakha and Ga Gi Neng. We spent about 9 hours together, doing fittings, make up, location scouting etc. Overall a massively fun outing which ended at the Kennedy Town Cargo Pier which, i discovered even has it’s own hashtag: #instagrampier.  I had never been before, what a beautiful location, and a stunning sunset. Then it was off the Beef & Liberty and Pizza Express for their Movember fundraiser event which was a huge success!

All clothing + accessories are by // Apart from the shoes, my own, by Asos. 📷 Photography: Pui Pui To