wellness warriors

brief: illustration, spiritual, incorporate circle & triangle
company: social and mental health awareness in hong kong

blue crush

brief: bold, bright, incorporate the sun and sea/ blue/yellow
company: anti- plastic charity brand

wedding logo

brief: gender neutral, floral, not too girly. 4 colours. 
use couple initials V + K
location: garden in thailand

shek o green

brief: Chi/Eng need an environmental element to the design
company: a green group started by villagers to combat environmental issues we face. 

maya’s slime company

brief: stamped look, unicorn colours, font/word heavy
company: a 9 y/o’s slime company with profits going to syrian refugees


wedding logo

brief: indian + chinese backgrounds, old english, great gatsby
location: hawaii

your soul food

brief: natural, bright, floral or leafy, fresh
company: a wellness directory, blog and search engine

bay to bay

brief: using the sanfranciso bay bridge as inspiration. connectivity and links.
company: 020 solutions