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brands (founder and co founder)

hollow the label

branding and creative director, designer, photographer.

HOLLOW is a new fashion-forward, minimalist swimwear brand designed in Hong Kong.
Launching with a collection of sleek, luxe bikinis. 

Dreamt up by Hong Kong designer Petra Greening after a long, hot love affair with the sun-kissed beaches of Asia and a lifetime of passion for womenswear.  Beauty and functionality play a key role in Hollow’s debut collection, which was inspired by a vision of simplicity and empowerment.

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we are fk  (18+)

branding and creative director, marketing

We are a collective founded by three individuals.

We call ourselves Fk. because we believe that we should all be able to live life to the bestest of our ability and be whatever the Fk. we want to be. and whoever the Fk. we want to be.

What we do.

We host events (lots of events) and we sell toys (lots of toys).

Events that make you think, feel and connect.
Toys that give you a rush and make you blush and gush.

We are Fk. A community. A mission.

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