Ohana Doesn’t Mean Good Service

ohana-swimwear-petra-m-greening1 I would definitely call myself a swimwear collector. It’s not as fancy, or old or really very valuable than most collectables but when you reside beside the seaside they start to become your everyday clothes. I am usually in them from Friday to Sunday evening, then I have to tell myself its only 4 more days till I’m in coloured lycra/polyester 2 pieces again. I recently bought some fresh new swim digs from Ohana Swimwear, based and designed in Australia, made in China. & I absolutely adore their designs. They come in a range of prices and with different styles and beautiful bold colours. HOWEVER, I wanted to inquire about some extra details that had been left out of the product description but received no email back. After a couple of weeks I went ahead and ordered anyway (with no reply) and sadly ordered 1 item wrong, so I emailed to change it and surprise surprise, nothing back.  Customer service is such an important factor of owning a brand, any brand, restaurant, fashion, gameing, whatever it is- you are not 100% responsible for your brands success it is equally your customers help that you are where you are. Super annoyed that they couldn’t answer some simple emails, it should be one of a top priority when handling any business, lucky for them they make good looking swimwear. ohana-swimwear-petra-m-greening2ohana-swimwear-petra-m-greening18ohana-swimwear-petra-m-greening30ohana-swimwear-petra-m-greening33ohana-swimwear-petra-m-greening43ohana-swimwear-petra-m-greening44ohana-swimwear-petra-m-greening50ohana-swimwear-petra-m-greening60ohana-swimwear-petra-m-greening72ohana-swimwear-petra-m-greening78ohana-swimwear-petra-m-greening98ohana-swimwear-petra-m-greening102

Love, P x