Backstage with Maggie Stadelmann

petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann3I’ve known Maggie for some time now, although I can’t remember the first time we crossed paths but we kept connected and she was always so lovely and such a cheerful person. Maggie is a well known Hong Kong fashionista who has just started her own accessories line and I was stoked to receive a message from her about being her first season model for the brand, of course I said yes! Her brand: M Stadelmann Studio had 3 gorgeous chokers an 18K rose gold beaded choker, an 18K gold chunky statement necklace and my personal favourite, an 18K rose gold chain choker. She is currently doing an opening promotion so if you like what you see get it soon! Here are some of our behind the scenes snaps… petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann18 petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann22 petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann10petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann14petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann1petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann5petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann6petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann9petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann11petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann16petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann19petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann20petra-m-greening-x-maggie-stadelmann21

Love, P x