The Real Deal SZ- Thomas Schumacher


The Real Deal is known for their pop up raves around China namely Shenzhen which include underground tunnels and under massive highways so every time you embark on a Real Deal rave adventure, be prepared to be unprepared
Its been a surprise to see a huge mix of nationalities at these parties, i always expect it to be mainly Chinese but they are usually the minority (from the raves i’ve been to) You sometimes forget how big Mainland China is and how many expats are living and working there with some fans that make the trip over the boarder from Hong Kong to experience some quality music with a new and exciting location nearly every event.
This month they had special guest Thomas Schumacher along with my hubby and The Real Deal residents.
Hong Kong and Guangdong province was literally just recovering from a typhoon so we were lucky the event was still on but, it was probably the reason why it wasn’t as packed as we initially though it was going to be though, it still drew 200+ people to the party.
The rave was held about 20 minutes via taxi from Luo Hu station at a large rural artist village complex at a warehouse full of quirky face mask fixtures and mirrors with droopy faces drawn on the surface.
Naturally we had Xinjiang food before we got to the venue which went down well with my lovely new buddy from Berlin, Thomas.
Needless to say it was a blast.