London, UK


UGH, It was SO GOOD to go back to London! I missed it loads and the weather was beautiful while we were there, warm in the day and slightly colder at night , I say slightly but for a Hong Konger, it was freezing and we certainly weren’t really prepared for that as we pretty much packed for 35c weather so I had to buy jeans and a sweater; not a bad excuse at all!

I hadn’t been back in almost 10 years so it was so nice to have a wonder and do touristy thingsĀ and be able to stay with my family who I haven’t seen in years so it was like going back home.

We went to the National History Museum, The Hunterian Museum, did the Jack the Ripper Tour, went to Camden Town, Berwick, Shoreditch and loads more. The one place that I wanted to go to was a museum of artefacts of serial killers and murders which included weapons and possessions but unfortunately it was only open forĀ police for research-ha.
Ah, London, I’ve really missed you.