IMG_8984 I first met Jodie, founder of Esscentric when we were both doing a shoot with photographer Pui Pui To. When I first saw her, I was drawn to her long gold chain that stood out from her chic all black outfit. Attached to this chain was a leather cylinder pouch with the words Esscentric embossed on the outside. I guessed that it might be a roll on perfume as I had one a few years ago from Avon which had a similar pouch but not nearly as stylish and sophisticated as Jodie’s.
Once we had wrapped up the quick shoot we sat down at Teakha on Po Tuck Street to have a quick chat about Jodie’s scent brand Esscentric..

How did you come up with Esscentric and why?
J: i love beautiful scents and I love to collect. I am always looking for different perfumes and am very passionate on scents.  For me scent is like art, I can’t live without it in my life. At the moment I’m studying aromatherapy, and I want to show people that natural essential oil are super amazing, they are soulful, beautiful and functional.  

I was thinking to myself, why people haven’t made them into more of a cool lifestyle item instead of just for holistic use?  Hence, i got an idea to use them (essential oil – the most natural material) to create my perfume line.   I love fashion and scents, so why not combine them together.  I would like to bring essential oil into lifestyle, in a unique and fashionable way and educate people so they can understand how to use the products. Thats why Esscentric’s packaging is a fashion accessory, a wearable chain necklace with a leather case.  I think this is cool idea as people can wear their perfume anywhere, its functional and beautiful.

How many scents do you have?
J: From my first collection, there have 6 scents.

Which one is your favourite?
J: My fav one is Jassom!! It’s a very sensual scent.  Also i love to mix it with Chamuse, it creates more of a mysterious scent.

What is the sexiest scent for a man?
J: for me there is no specific scent, I think what is most important is the person who is using the scent matches it with their personality.  But I think a woody, musky based scent with fresh green undertones is sexy for a man.

What is the sexiest scent for a woman?
J: same answer as above, different women are a sexy in different ways!  But I would say, personally, a sexy scent for a woman is an amber woody scent with floral undertones, also with a bit of spices to bring out a sensuous and exotic feeling.

Do you have any new projects for 2016?
J: Yes, in Spring we will launch a home scent collection. Stay tuned!