Yonique 3D Mascara and Splash Liquid Lipstick

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I had never seen any tutorials and hadn’t heard of Younique at all until my best friend from Primary school contacted me to do a review on some products she would send me. Nikki, who sent me the products is a representative of the brand, was really eager for me to try out their 3D Fibre Lash Mascara and one of their Splash lipsticks in the shade Stoic.

I have to say when I opened the packaging and pulled out the 2 lubes of mascara for the pouch I was confused for a moment. I had heard nothing about the brand until Nikki had told me about them and I decided not to do any research on the products and just wait till i received them. In all honesty I thought the brush from one of the wands had been put through a blender and stuffed inside the tube. There were loose black fibres all over the wand I thought I have to tell her and get another set because i had obviously got a defect item. But I was wrong, these were just the little fibres that sat in the tube that promised to thicken and lengthen your lashes to your hearts desire and it works wonders.
My lashes were fuller and thicker and didn’t get clumpy. You can chose how many times you go back and forth with the gel and fibres to elongate and thicken.
I am so happy with the mascara, and i highly recommend it especially for those who have light to blonde lashes that just need a little extra help without having to wear falsies or get extensions.

The beauty world has been inundated by the liquid lipstick trend with new formulas and shades being released from almost every brand in the business. I’ve tried a few liquid lipsticks from Jeffree Star to Kat Von D and while I don’t have any complaints about either of these brands, the Younique liquid lipstick takes the cake. The consistency is so mousy and glides on your lips with ease.While the Jeffree Star and Kat Von D lipsticks dry down the Younique formula doesn’t totally dry down but gives the illusion of a matte/ dry lipstick. I have to say this is my favourite lipstick i’ve ever owned, i’ve never been a fan of glossy or sticky lipsticks and the Splash is neither of those. Not the mention it lasts for hours and the colour is so beautiful. I think the photos and video says it all!

You can purchase any of the items online here!

Mahka Store Opening

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I know, I’m a little late but I wanted to say congratulations to Maguelone Calmels the creative genius behind her new brand Mahka.
It was the opening of her store in the beginning of December and upon arrival, what first caught my eye was the striking black steel frames and classic Hong Kong windows. Mag kept most of the original exterior of the shop and up-cycled some of the elements from the old metal door, which her brand “Mahka” was graffitied on and then moulded to fit the service/till area.
The colour palette Mag chose for her unisex collection, was eye candy, a beautiful range colours that faded from blush, khaki green, grey to brown and some pieced featured a combination of prints and embroidery on some of her designs, my favourites being an oversized sweater dress with the sleeve cuffs embroidered and a long dress (which i have to get) with paisley-like embroidery along the waist band.

Not only is Mahka a clothing store, it also has some fabulous artwork, a chair from the 60s that I am so jealous of, Dj set up to liven their upcoming events, or just for a regular Tuesday, Mahka has made it apparent that they are no regular fashion store, but a lifestyle and entertainment hub to watch out for. Check out Hong Kong Community Radio’s Video that featured a live set at Mahka

Mahka is located at 4, Wa Lane, Sheung Wan, just off Hollywood Road (Mahka has a great outdoor area and that they share with an art gallery and famed restaurant La Cantoche)

Congratulations my love, I wish you all the best!!


Love, P x


M. Stadelmann Studio Jewellery

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Congratulations Maggie on your jewellery line! I had fun shooting these pieces and it didn’t take very long, just a couple of quick changes in Maggie’s own clothes she selected for the shoot and some lipstick changes and we were done!  Her chokers are a breathe of fresh air after noticing the obscene amounts of velvet, leather and lace choker straps with dangling embellishments that fast fashion stores are selling, which are usually quite cheap but sometimes make your skin turn a putrid pantone green.
M. Stadelmann Studio Jewellery look and feel super luxe, my favourite being the 18K rose gold choker with the side tassels that you can tie however you like.
Maggie’s collection online now for purchasing and they are all available in plated 18K gold.


Love, P x


Ohana Doesn’t Mean Good Service

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I would definitely call myself a swimwear collector. It’s not as fancy, or old or really very valuable than most collectables but when you reside beside the seaside they start to become your everyday clothes. I am usually in them from Friday to Sunday evening, then I have to tell myself its only 4 more days till I’m in coloured lycra/polyester 2 pieces again.

I recently bought some fresh new swim digs from Ohana Swimwear, based and designed in Australia, made in China. & I absolutely adore their designs. They come in a range of prices and with different styles and beautiful bold colours. HOWEVER, I wanted to inquire about some extra details that had been left out of the product description but received no email back. After a couple of weeks I went ahead and ordered anyway (with no reply) and sadly ordered 1 item wrong, so I emailed to change it and surprise surprise, nothing back. 
Customer service is such an important factor of owning a brand, any brand, restaurant, fashion, gameing, whatever it is- you are not 100% responsible for your brands success it is equally your customers help that you are where you are.

Super annoyed that they couldn’t answer some simple emails, it should be one of a top priority when handling any business, lucky for them they make good looking swimwear.


Love, P x


Clean seas, Aanya prints

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I’ve heard a lot of people say summer is over but being a Southsider and living by the beach means we’re usually swimming till the end of November. I’ve always been attracted to this lifestyle, laid back, sand in your hair and surrounded by nature.
Having the option to walk on the sand and feel the ocean in a matter of seconds is a dream come true.

I recently got this beautiful Ikat off- Shoulder Print top from Aanya, it’s constructed with a light fabric and a bright bold ikat print.
The style, usually worn off shoulder is one of my favourite summer staples. This style just feels so summery, effortless and relaxed, often having a bright print or woven/ crochet design stitched into them, two very popular fabric and design choices for that summer/holiday feel.

The Hong Kong based brand, Aanya is an ode to the bohemian, chilled out babe that loves vibrant colours, and doesn’t take herself too seriously. A lifestyle brand that is expanding into other areas such as bags and beach accessories and they are nailing that vibe.

We’re definitely not done with summer just yet.



Sunglasses- Mongkok
Bikini Top- Asos by Asos
Off Shoulder Top- Aanya
Bikini Bottoms- H&M

Love, P x


Outlet Shopping Outfit

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Petra Greening LC outfit4

Outlet shopping is one of my favourite things. I love designer goods for their excellent craftsmanship and legacy but I can’t always justify buying most items at full price.  I only go about twice a year to see whats available without any expectations or wish list as they might not have what you want. Its really hit and miss, sometimes you’ll fall in love with something, other times (more often than not) you’ll walk away empty handed so it’s best that you keep an open mind. Its like vintage shopping or thrifting, it’s fun because you don’t know what you might find, you could find a rarity and a gem or that tired looking piece that you tend to see every time you go, like the Charlotte Olympia shoes that sit on shelf: Size 38 and 39 which look like they are screaming for someone to take them home. The poor things look so dusty and battered from all the try-ons that their shelf life will soon expire.

So last week the family did an Ap Lei Chau trip for the usual outdoor furniture shopping, board game shopping and fashion outlet shopping. We started at the top, at the Lane Crawford outlet and worked our way down One Island South Outlet shopping mall. Hubby and I came across some gorgeous Saint Laurent Classic Janis 105′ Chain detail Pumps for about 75% off. They were gorgeous and without a scratch or dent on the leather, in my size and in pristine condition. The Janis Pump is a YSL classic and the chain detail just added a more rock and roll vibe to them- right up my street. So they came home with me thanks to my husband!
Check back for my next post on the black beauties.

Petra Greening LC outfit5Petra Greening LC outfit6Petra Greening LC outfit9Petra Greening LC outfit10Petra Greening LC outfit11Petra Greening LC outfit16Petra Greening LC outfit17Petra Greening LC outfit18Petra Greening LC outfit22

Karen Millen
American Apparel
Cotton On
Louelle Odié



Love, P x


Pomfret Slouch Bag by Louella Odié

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Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag1

A typhoon has just passed us and temperatures are reaching 36c (oh my god) an obvious sign that our Hong Kong summer is officially here and its time to bust out the summer trends and threads which means crochets, denim, florals, crop tops, maxi dresses and paisley prints.

I’m not the biggest fan of jewellery but when it comes to accessories, bags and sunglasses are the pieces that bring an summer outfit together. So when I received this chic canvas Pomfret Slouch Pouch by Hong Kong brand Louella Odié, I was stoked! The front of the bag has a beautifully embroidered Pomfret, a fish which is commonly found in Hong Kong waters and enjoyed by foodies all across Asia.
The bag features a detachable strap so you can use it as a clutch or a shoulder bag. Its a great beach bag and an even better bag for holiday ventures and day outings. I personally like to use it as a clutch or with the straps attached to one end as i’m not so into the classic noughties shoulder bag but its pretty sweet to have 3 options!
I absolutely adore this bag, the fabric and colours scream summer and the embroidery is top quality. It’s understated due to its canvas brown fabric and subtle pops of threaded colour but this allows you to play with colour and prints in your outfit and shoes.

Living 47 seconds walk from Shek O beach is truly magical as I’ve always felt a connection to the ocean so I love celebrating brands that use nature as their inspiration for their products. Louella Odié draw inspiration from the designer duo’s childhood love of Island exploration, coastal living, embracing the shorelines of Hong Kong and the UK. Their stories of foreign seashores and familiar beaches can be seen in their designs from native fish to historic landmarks, Louella Odié embrace all things Hong Kong and translate it flawlessly into wearable art.

Thank you Lauren, I adore it and thank you to your mum!

Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag2Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag3Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag4Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag5Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag6Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag7Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag8Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag9Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag10Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag11Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag12Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag13Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag14Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag15Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag16Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag17Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag18Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag19Petra Greening Louella Odie Pomfret Bag20

Hat: H&M
Glasses: Mong Kok
Bikini top: Asos
Bikini Bottoms: Hurley via Asos
Bag: Louelle Odié

Love, P x

Travel Diary: Sri Lanka

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Touch down in Sri Lanka after an incredible 5 day stay in the Maldives! We arrived in the early evening so we booked a night at the Galle Face Hotel in Columbo before making our way down the coast line.

In the morning we booked a taxi to take us to Unawatuna which felt a lot like the Koh Samui / Koh Phangan strip full of restaurants, hotels and clubs. We stayed for 2 nights and did some exploring around the area and found so many little nicnac shops stocked with tons of wooden products like bowls, elephant souvenirs, salad spoons and puppets. We were tempted to get a mask but the more we saw of them the more we felt like they were just novelty items and rare antique or vintages ones were long gone.
We were told it wasn’t peak season which is usually June to December so we got to enjoy a quieter strip (at night that is) Unawatuna has such a chill vibe about it and there are so many activities during the day that you can do like snorkelling, surfing, whale and dolphin watching and so much more. There are so many restaurants in the area it’s kind of overwhelming and a total tourist spot with some hotels signs blatantly stating that locals were not allow to stay in their hotel… Hmm…

The next day we headed to Galle Fort  which was initially built in 1588 by the Portuguese, then extensively fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century from 1649 onwards. The buildings were beautiful and were started to inhabit shops and hotels in the original structures, although about 50% of them were open or in use. We walked to the end where the famous Galle Lighthouse was (and most of the tourists) took a couple of photos and then went to fins shelter in a shop because the heat was almost unbearable. We didn’t buy too much, just some lovely wooden handcrafted salad spoons and a small ivory elephant that reminded me of the one in the movie The Secret Garden. This was to be added to my ever growing elephants from around the world collection which just happened to be because people started getting me elephants as souvenirs, now I’m making it a thing!

After 2 nights in Unawatuna we headed down to one of the surf spots Weligama where we had booked and paid to stay at a hip surf school, we ended up getting there pretty early so we had to wait a couple of hours till our room was ready but while we waited we noticed that it was more hipster than hip and didn’t look like the photos on tripadvisor at all. We waited about 2 hours on the hotel beach front while we watched the hotel guests surf and come back for a bathe. The owner a hippy Russian who had obviously decided to stay and set up shop for good in Sri Lanka after a visit (like many tourists) told us that the entire beach was out of electricity and would be back soon. Time went buy and as honeymooners we felt like we were crashing a hippy high school graduation trip. We decided to talk a walk and the area was still up and coming with a lot of new growth and hotel chain- Marriott on the way. The area was untouched, there were a lot of locals going about their day with no sign of anything to do there. We dragged our feet back to the hotel and as the room still wasn’t ready and reality sinking in about how we felt like adults crashing a school trip we decided to walk around the other side of the hotel and voila, we couldn’t believe our eyes it was like seeing a lagoon after a long walk in the desert. We both walked in separate directions so excited about the minimalistic luxe looking hotel that was right next door the whole time. We sat down for lunch and decided we had to switch hotels. So for 3 nights we stayed at Weligama’s 2nd best hotel where I got food poisoning which was terribly upsetting. I had only had one day of surfing which I absolutely fell in love with and the next 2 days had me bed ridden and unable to explore and surf more with my new husband.

On the day we left to our next destination I figured that I needed to see a doctor but he was unavailable and that I could go to a hospital 40 minutes away which i politely declined. We drove to our next spot which my knight in shining armour set up doctor to come visit me at our next hotel I got some medicine and rested a little more. We were in Kosgoda, famous for its turtle hatcheries and during the early afternoon I felt like i needed to talk a walk otherwise Sri Lanka would have been a total bummer. We walked along the coast and stumbled across a netted fence and it was man made turtle farm! I couldn’t believe that we had stumbled across one thinking that my luck had ended and we were going home in a few days. We ended up taking a tour and saw lots of baby turtles and deformed and albino turtles that sadly wouldn’t have survived in the wild so they were cared for by the volunteers.
So our last few nights we not so eventful but I was feeling better and we got to see the capital a bit more because I had left my wallet at the Galle Face Hotel which they so kindly notified me and held on to it till our last day.

Sri Lanka is beautiful and the people are so friendly and the surfing was so much fun, I can’t wait to go back.





































































Love, P x


Pomfret Sarong by Louelle Odié

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When I worked as the manager of a fashion label a few years ago the staff were all required to learn how to tie scarves and sarongs in different ways to maximise the uses of this great accessory. You can use it as a headscarf, a bag or turn it into lots of different dress styles. When I got this beautiful Louella Odié Pomfet Sarong, I immediately thought of my favourite top to tie. A total beach look, perfect to wear over your bikini with some denim shorts or long flowy skirt. The back is completely exposed which helps with blistering heat we’ve been experiencing.

Created by a print-making mother and daughter, with a background in fashion came together to create a unique collection of accessories that show their love for the Island life and Hong Kong heritage.

The colours of the Pomfet Sarong are bright and foolproof for summer. A striking yellow with white polka dots and a deep blue in the form of printed fish make this sarong ideal for beach, junks or barbecues.  The size is 100cm x 200cm which makes it an excellent size when it comes to tying dresses, and the feel of the fabric is so luxurious, smooth and silky.
Can we also just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful packaging!



Love, P x


Coco Q Jewellery

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Last year I met jewellery designer Angela of Coco Q while we were working on a photoshoot together which i modelled and styled while Angela supplied her sample jewellery.
I got to wear some of her lovely minimal designs, most were thin gold plated brass bangles with gorgeous bright colours woven around the bangle.
Perfect if you’re looking for something minimal or stacked if you’re looking for a bit more a statement piece.
After the shoot we swapped contacts and kept in touch. She asked me if I had a favourite piece on the Coco Q website and I picked a beautiful Celtic knot silver plated bangle which she ended up sending to me!! It came in the chicest packaging and we did have some issues with the delivery which was totally SF Express’s fault (I’ve never known them to be unreliable until this happened) But it was beautifully packaged and the bangle was well made with an adjustable mechanism at the back.
When this was sent to me Angela didn’t stock so many products as the brand was just getting off the ground but she’s got more designs including these gorgeous marble embellished spiral rings. Check out the Coco Q Facebook here

This post is long overdue so I just wanted to say thank you Angela, I love it!!!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Love, P x


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IMG_8984 I first met Jodie, founder of Esscentric when we were both doing a shoot with photographer Pui Pui To. When I first saw her, I was drawn to her long gold chain that stood out from her chic all black outfit. Attached to this chain was a leather cylinder pouch with the words Esscentric embossed on the outside. I guessed that it might be a roll on perfume as I had one a few years ago from Avon which had a similar pouch but not nearly as stylish and sophisticated as Jodie’s.
Once we had wrapped up the quick shoot we sat down at Teakha on Po Tuck Street to have a quick chat about Jodie’s scent brand Esscentric..

How did you come up with Esscentric and why?
J: i love beautiful scents and I love to collect. I am always looking for different perfumes and am very passionate on scents.  For me scent is like art, I can’t live without it in my life. At the moment I’m studying aromatherapy, and I want to show people that natural essential oil are super amazing, they are soulful, beautiful and functional.  

I was thinking to myself, why people haven’t made them into more of a cool lifestyle item instead of just for holistic use?  Hence, i got an idea to use them (essential oil – the most natural material) to create my perfume line.   I love fashion and scents, so why not combine them together.  I would like to bring essential oil into lifestyle, in a unique and fashionable way and educate people so they can understand how to use the products. Thats why Esscentric’s packaging is a fashion accessory, a wearable chain necklace with a leather case.  I think this is cool idea as people can wear their perfume anywhere, its functional and beautiful.

How many scents do you have?
J: From my first collection, there have 6 scents.

Which one is your favourite?
J: My fav one is Jassom!! It’s a very sensual scent.  Also i love to mix it with Chamuse, it creates more of a mysterious scent.

What is the sexiest scent for a man?
J: for me there is no specific scent, I think what is most important is the person who is using the scent matches it with their personality.  But I think a woody, musky based scent with fresh green undertones is sexy for a man.

What is the sexiest scent for a woman?
J: same answer as above, different women are a sexy in different ways!  But I would say, personally, a sexy scent for a woman is an amber woody scent with floral undertones, also with a bit of spices to bring out a sensuous and exotic feeling.

Do you have any new projects for 2016?
J: Yes, in Spring we will launch a home scent collection. Stay tuned! 

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Audella Bridal Hong Kong

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For the past few weeks I’ve been scouting for wedding dresses for inspiration for my own…
When I was working at Kanchan Couture, just over 5 years ago now, I worked closely with brides and the designer to create their made to order dream wedding dress that infused their favourite fabrics, colours and of course, their personality and flair while keeping in mind their insecurities to ensure they felt utterly beautiful and comfortable on their special day.
I also had to look up bridal trends and inspiration for the client and designer so that the client knew exactly what was trending at the time (so she could make a confident decision in her dress) and for the designer to be up to date and in the know for bridal fashion. I found it quite difficult to store all the images I collected until i found the wonder that is Pinterest- an easy to use and view album for all your images. (view my bridal board here) When researching, two designers really caught my eye for my future wedding dress, Inbal Dror and Galia Lahav, two incredible designers from Israel that hand make most of their creations. So I was so pleased to hear that there was one shop that stocked their elegant designs here in Hong Kong, Audella Bridal House on Hollywood Road. I booked an appointment and brought my oldest and dearest frinend for support. This time I found myself on the other side of the table, the client and not consultant.
I tried on about 8 or 9 dresses by Dror, Lahav and another designer Berta as they all had the shape I was going for. The staff were so lovely and helpful, I absolutely recommend booking an appointment with them.

Audella Bridal:  The brands they carry are more on the sexy and body confident side with beautiful silhouettes and delicate lace and bead work, but whether you chose Audella Bridal for your wedding dress, always be sure you have at least 6/7 month prior to your big day for fittings as some dresses are shipped out of Hong Kong back to the designer to have them custom tailored to your taste and body shape. Also, i suggest wearing your hair roughly like how you’d picture it on your big day to get an accurate idea of the full look. Some brides have a hard time imagining their entire look, but you don’t need to go to a salon to do so, for example. if you have chosen a wavy hair style, plait your hair and leave it over night so you have an idea, or play around with your hair with one of your favourite dresses on.
My other tip is to try on something that you wouldn’t necessarily go for. Dresses can look different when they are on your body and it doesn’t hurt to give something new a go. You might be pleasantly surprised.
Thank you to the staff at Audella Bridal! And thank you Vanessa for coming with me!
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Instagram Pier Photoshoot

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This was the first time I had met photographer and clothing store owner Pui. We met at her shop in Shek Tong Tsui- Po Tuck Street, an up and coming area in the Western district close to HKU. The same street that also houses Gift Co, Teakha and Ga Gi Neng.
We spent about 9 hours together, doing fittings, make up, location scouting etc. Overall a massively fun outing which ended at the Kennedy Town Cargo Pier which, i discovered even has it’s own hashtag: #instagrampier.  I had never been before, what a beautiful location, and a stunning sunset.
Then it was off the Beef & Liberty and Pizza Express for their Movember fundraiser event which was a huge success!

All clothing + accessories are by Luvmydress.com // Apart from the shoes, my own, by Asos.
📷 Photography: Pui Pui To
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Sheep & Stitch: Cowl

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Last week, I shot with Sheep & Stitch‘s founder Davina for one of her new creations this beautiful bright yellow cowl. As we shot around the Tai Ping Shan area in Sheung Wan, she told me a little bit about her concept and ideas for Sheep & Stitch and where it all began.
A dog lover with a passion for creating beautiful knit wear and wanting to inspire other to create their own designs, Davina came up with Sheep & Stitch, a brand and blog that teaches you how to knit your own designs. Her website not only has a shop that sells yarn, bamboo knitting needles, eco friendly shopping bags but knitting kits, perfect for beginners with an HD videos showing you step by step how to knit the piece you’ve chosen.
Sheep & Stitch also have free and full videos on youtube that include step by step tutorials, tip sand more.
We shot 2 scarves that day, this one being my favourite. Winter is usually the time for darker more muted colours but why not spruce up your outfit with a pop of colour this year. Better yet, chose your colour and make one yourself
This particular cowl has a video to match (below)
Thanks Davina for a fun day, it was lovely meeting you!

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