Knitting for Beginners: Sheep & Stitch

garter-stitch-scarf-thumbnail Last month I did a little write up about super fun and hip knit brand Sheep & Stitch about their cool concept and easy to follow step by step tutorials on how to knit your own scarfs, hats and more. The day I met up with founder Davina to shoot, I modelled 3 of the finished products for her tutorial and here is the 2nd! Now, I know I said the first one was by favourite but looking back at these have made me change my mind! The last scarf I blogged about was a bright yellow cowl and this one is a regular chunky scarf, about 120cm long or so. I adore the colour of this one (off white/grey), I usually pick very minimal, simple timeless pieces when it comes to fashion and jewellery so this one is right up my street.. And It goes so well with a leather jacket, my favourite type of outerwear during this season, but we didn’t shoot it in this season! It was still about 35c when we went out to shoot these, burrr!! Look on for the free tutorial embedded in this post below! Happy knitting! garter-stitch-scarf-detail4garter-stitch-scarf-detail1garter-stitch-scarf-detail2garter-stitch-scarf-detail3garter-stitch-scarf-detail5 Love, P