Hong Kong’s 3rd Tattoo Convention


I can’t quite believe its been 3 years since i got tattooed at the first HK tattoo convention and now they are on their 3rd year and show no signs of slowing down.
The Hong Kong Tattoo Convention has grown so much over the last few years and judging by last weekends turnout- has totally out grown its venue. This year the international and local artist participation was so much more diverse with artists coming from Spain, UK, Thailand, Japan and more.
Its really wonderful to see old impressions and stigmas of tattoos (especially in Hong Kong regarding triad affiliation) slowly fade and creativity, skill and imagination become the forefront of tattooing culture.

We went on Friday night the first night of the tattoo convention to check out the talent and live music acts (was such a throwback to see Qui Hong again) I really wish I had tried to tattoo the banana skin but i felt an enormous amount of pressure ha.